We are a full truckload carrier having complete specialization in the dry van along with temperature control catering optimal service in and around the coast of Canada. We are also equipped to cater to varied locations in the United States also.

Availability of equipment

Dry Van– We have a huge customer base that constitutes mainly from the manufacturing sectors along with growers, retailers, distributors from all across North America. To cater to the needs of these clients our temperature-controlled dry vans are available in tandem.

Our offshore refrigerated vans are indeed unique and have an innovative mechanism that makes us stand apart from the rest. No-load for us is challenging as we are expert professionals put the best foot forward to transport your goods seamlessly. We offer limited services between British Columbia & Manitoba, as well as flat deck work on a regional basis. To be honest this applies only for selected customers out of Winnipeg.

Customer Support Services– our organization has established a particular program on customer service & quality. We constantly evaluate and improve the methods of training to allow our staffs to understand our customer’s requirement in a much meticulous manner. Our programs are designed to reach optimal quality parameters and utmost accuracy at every phase of our business.

The trucks and drivers are the most visible part of our organization, but there is a whole lot of mechanism that goes behind the scenes. Our highly skilled professionals work hand in hand to ensure that company’s commitments are meted out with ease. We always assign dedicated customer service representatives to your account providing one to one contacts.

Technology– Our Company is a leader in the development & implementation of the latest innovation and technological progression in the domain of transportation. From pioneering communication packages which allow pinpoint shipment trafficking through seamless customer connectivity. We help our customer to gain access to their key innovation during any time of the day. We continue to explore the latest technologies to unleash the best service for our customers.

Measurement- To meet the key industrial standards we have developed a comprehensive system designed to help & maintain maximum standards for one-time service. Each & every day our internal team evaluates the performances within the past 24 hours identifying any possible delays & then notifying the respective shipper accordingly.

Customers can go ahead & obtain comprehensive daily & weekly monthly reports that cater precise details about the process of shipment. If any major problems are encountered both shippers & receivers are contacted so that contingencies & other options can be implemented.

What we tow

We transport an array of goods throughout USA & Canada due to the plethora of equipment we are available with. As an organization we are capable of moving items that need proper refrigeration like produced and frozen items. We also serve companies looking ahead to move dry goods and household items.

Listed below are few items that we haul

  • * Refrigerated Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Produce
  • * Fresh and Frozen Meat and Food Processors
  • * Home Electronics Goods
  • * Automotive Manufacturing
  • * Fine Home Furnishings
  • * Theatrical and Musical Stage Productions
  • * Building Materials
  • * Packaging Materials for Food Producers
  • * Health Care Products
  • * Hazmat Chemicals & Raw Materials
  • * Consumer Appliances and Household Goods
  • * Paper Products
  • * Courier/Mail

Types of Equipment

Dry Van Trailers, Reefer/Heater Vans- 53ft

Our general freight unit operates throughout Canada along with the US. For a smooth operation, one can go ahead and find a mix of dry van trailers and reefer tailors. The tailors that are on the run for us are of our own and some are rented. Primarily they are availed from great Danes along with Wabash and utility.


The container divisions are focused out of the Western Province and they are mainly dedicated towards freight movements. To be honest the entire movement is between Alberta & British Columbia. Though still a miniature division, our container drivers are hard-working and can run a lot of miles and they ensure that the containers get to the port right on time. The container division generally operates using technical gadgets and chassis. The drivers operating the vehicle navigate their ways through the mountains daily.

Longer combination vehicles- Tow 53 ft trailers-

The LCV units are a group of trained professionals that operates between Manitoba & Alberta single-handedly. They help us to provide all our customers with on-time delivery and seamlessly allow the movement. They help to move freight across the country in an eco-friendly approach.

Our LCV units abide by the protocols and guidelines that are entrusted by Alberta motor Transport association. Our professional drivers operate constructively and ensure to build up a positive bond of amity with our customers.


A contemporary fleet of tractors consisting mainly of Internationals and Freightliners

All have EOBR capability and ECM programs

Mainly habitual broadcast

Qualcomm satellite system equipped

Required Documents

All third party carriers need to submit all key documents for approval before being accepted as a third party carrier.

Certificate of Insurance for Company

Motor Carrier Number

CVOR Number

WSIB Proof of Coverage

Dangerous Goods Certificate C-TAPT certification and little other documentation are at times required as part of the onboarding process.

Contact our Logistics Department

If you are interested to run third party logistic carrier under your authorities, then you can always get in touch with the logistic department.

Types of Equipment

We aim to be the best purchasers of premium trucks based on the quality of inventories along with customer experience. In the past few years of business, we have successfully helped numerous customers to get behind the wheels. Be it high-end premium models or a mediocre truck we sell all. We offer finance warranty and insurance option and we guide our customers to obtain an optimal solution to meet the needs and preference of our clients. Individuals who have already done a bit of business with us are quite aware of our modus operandi and have always shown optimism towards our success.

All it can be said is get in touch with us for a smooth and seamless operation. As we have discussed earlier we would like to create a positive bond of amity with you and make business transfers more & more optimistic.