Modern Trucks & Trailers

Modern Trucks & Trailers

Types of Equipment

We have all kind of Dry Vans,Reefer and Heater Units.

Our general freight unit operates throughout Canada along with the US. For a smooth operation, one can go ahead and find a mix of dry van trailers and reefer trailers . The trailers that are on the run for us are of our own and some are rented.

Longer combination vehicles (LCV) –

The LCV units are a group of trained professionals that operates between Manitoba , Alberta & USA single-handedly. They help us to provide all our customers with on-time delivery and seamlessly allow the movement. They help to move freight across the country in an eco-friendly approach.

Our LCV units abide by the protocols and guidelines that are entrusted by Alberta motor Transport association. Our professional drivers operate constructively and ensure to build up a positive bond of amity with our customers.


We have latest model of Tractors equipped with satellite service system.